Advanced screen shoting tool
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Deepin screenshot is an andvanced tool to make screenshots on Linux desktop environment. It has a user-friendly UI which eases cropping and saving of screenshot.

This package is part of DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment).
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elecom1978 7 months ago

it is great.. I have almost everything I need.. but it has two issues: (1) it works only on the active screen (I have dual screen system).. (2) it needs to run when i press the PrtScn button (however I can manually assign a keyboard shortcut)

brito 8 months ago

Best thing is copying the image directly to the clipboard and from there paste directly on website and messengers. So much easier. Would be so nice that this would become the default screenshot app for Mint. Try it.

Norbi 9 months ago

This is the only screenshot app that I found which able to capture all windows that you choose on the fly (dont have particular active window capture function), despite it doesnt support multi monitor and settings are very basic (basic cfg and few options when save). You can bind its command to a hotkey (deepin-screenshot).

Dan_Z 1 year ago

Very good ui allowing to select area to grab right after starting the app. Simple editing on the fly. Options on where to save by default (folder, cut to clipboard, etc) included.