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"It's probably the best FOSS alternative to Discord out there, but it's pretty slow to search for keywords in really big conversations. I don't know if this is due to the Protocol, the app, or both."
"It can download video and audio from Youtube, but it's really slow for some reason. When I use other programs/websites to do the same things, they always seem faster than youtube-dl. I don't know why that is though. It has a nice interface though."
"gThumb is excellent for browsing, viewing, and editing images. There are a few things that I don't like like not being able to zoom on images using the scrollwheel, or not being able to use the arrow keys to navigate across images displayed in the side pane when an image is displayed in the main pane, but those might be able to be fixed with some custom programming. It has lots of keyboard shortcuts, features, and extensions, and overall, it just works. My favorite image viewer."
"Pix is a great image viewer/browser with lots of extensions/plugins. But I like gThumb more."
"Okular is fast, reliable, can edit/annotate documents, and has very customizable toolbars. I've decided that it's my favorite document / pdf viewer."
"Xreader is a lightweight document / pdf viewer with a clean interface. However, I found it to be lacking in features for my needs, particularly for editing .pdf files."
"Freetube is the best way to watch Youtube videos without being tracked by Google. However, it still lacks some features like having multiple playlists and other minor conveniences. It's getting better with every update, so the app's improvement over time is slow and steady."
"I have been using Bitwarden for over 3 years as of writing this review, and my choice to start to using it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. All of my passwords are secured, organized into folders, available on all of my devices, and I'm able to store lots of confidential, non-website information too. It does everything that I need it to, and it hasn't costed me a dime!"
"Contrary to the negative reviews, granting access to your Google account is NOT a requirement for this software. If you are prompted to authorize access to your Google account, just close the window and close the application if needed. If you are asked again, just close the google prompt window again. Then go to the Destinations tab and choose a location that is not Google Drive (you're being prompted because this is the default option). Anyway, the reason why I'm giving Deja Dup a 1-star review is because it failed to restore my lost files when I needed it to. It restored some of them, but then the program hanged up and crashed due to errors that I don't understand. Another problem with Deja Dup is that on Linux Mint, I could only restore the entire backup. This is inconvenient since that can potentially take hours, when I only want to restore just a few files. In conclusion, Deja Dup has been too unstable and too oversimplified for my needs."
"This application has been able to provide an experience similar to the App Expose on Mac OS. It has made it so much easier for me to navigate all my windows, particularly when there's a lot of windows to sort through on the same desktop."
"This is honestly the best messaging application that I've ever used. It's easy to use, great security, FOSS, and so on. I haven't tried using it for calls or videos yet though, and the main downside is getting the people that I keep in touch with to use it too, that could be said about any messaging application."
"It gave a very nice introduction to Linux Mint, so I will give it a 5. My only complaint is that although I no longer need it, it's not possible to uninstall it without breaking the system since it's a dependency of mint-meta-cinnamon, mint-meta-xfce, and mint-meta-mate."
"Ulauncher is an amazing application launcher with a sleek, visually appealing design. There are at least dozens of plugins/extensions that you can download from the ulauncher website to configure it do much more than just launch applications, whether that be setting timers, viewing dictionaries and thesauri, checking the weather, opening files and directories, switching open windows, and so much more. IMO, the plugins are the main thing that differentiates Ulauncher from other application launchers, and you can even write your own if you know how to program in Python."
"My main dislike is that Flameshot makes the screen too dark before you select the region that you want to screenshot. This makes it very difficult for me to see what's on the screen and what to select. My second dislike is that Flameshot saves to the clipboard if you press Enter after you've finished selecting the region that you want to screenshot. It can save the screenshot to your files too if you click the floppy disk, but I wish that this was the action that pressing Enter would do instead. Aside from those two issues, it's a decent screenshot application."
"I've been trying out different screenshot applications, and I'd say that Deepin-Screenshot is one of the best I've tried for Linux. I think the onscreen interface that appears after taking a screenshot could be improved by eliminating the need to click the drop-down arrow, but I don't have any other complaints about it."
"When I tried to use TimeShift to back up my entire system, it stored all the backups on the same hard drive that it was backing instead of the external hard drive where I wanted everything stored, and I don't believe it gave me an option to select otherwise (unless that's just me not knowing how to use it). Anyway, if you're not careful with this app, it could potentially fill up the storage of the entire OS partition 100% full, at which point your computer will start giving you write errors saying that you cannot write to the hard drive anymore because it's entirely full. When this happens, any application on your computer that writes to the hard drive will start failing until you free up space by deleting the Timeshift backups from your system. Fortunately, I figured out the problem and how to fix it, as well as some different backup software to use. This software might do what you want it to if you're luckier and/or more knowledgeable than I was though."