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Discord is the easiest way to communicate over voice, video, and text. Chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.
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Peyrol 1 day ago

Works just fine for me. As with all Ubuntu apps, Ubuntu decides which version to add to their repository. To install the latest version of Discord, download the deb package, cd to that directory, and type in the command sudo dpkg -i discord-0.0.16.deb or whatever the latest version is.

lil5 2 days ago

Today discord opened to a window asking me to install the deb of version 0.0.16. Discord seems to be a bit lax on their updates on ubuntu

isame12 1 month ago

it works as intended

ChainSwordCS 2 months ago

I use Discord all the time, including before now. Discord itself is good software in my opinion, a top of the line voice chat and messenger application. There was a voice-chat crashing issue on Linux, but it seems to be fixed as of recent at least in the branch Discord PTB.

spark198rus 2 months ago

Constantly crashing time to time

Teyrox 6 months ago

I love this.

Foquro 6 months ago

Works fine. Had no problems so far.

bore-lee 1 year ago

It's ok but it occasionally charshes or freezes for no reason.

Emperor_Bawk_Bawk 1 year ago

Very versatile chat client, awesome replacement for Skype! Haven't found any bugs yet...