enhanced version of the legendary DOOM game
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The purpose of the Doomsday Engine project is to create versions of DOOM, Heretic and Hexen that feel the same as the original games but are implemented using modern techniques such as 3D graphics and client/server networking. A lot of emphasis is placed on good-looking graphics.

Doomsday Engine (or deng for short) requires an IWAD to play. You can install your commercial IWADs using game-data-packager.
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toomyg155 8 months ago

It works on my laptop but not desktop so its hit and miss on if it works or not BUT when working its GREAT!

axel668 7 years ago

Not working

LonePiper 8 years ago

Hope you like segmentation faults

BeatSmith 8 years ago

Awesome port with easy settings and good addons.

quake0 9 years ago

Great engine!