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"I like the minimalism of the AbiWord interface. Most word processors seem to be trying to outdo each other in how cluttered and bloated they can be, but AbiWord keeps it simple and clean. But the bugs are real. It couldn’t even open a very simple odt file it had saved itself - the document was blank. But then LibreOffice was weirdly able to read it, although there was an unexplained box around the text. Even the word wrap acts funny - it left the first leffer of a word hanging on the end of the previous line until it suddenly realised it had to reformat halfway through the next line. That’s only happened to me once, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it. There are also some interface issues - for instance, a lot of drop down lists are missing scrollbars, such as the font selector, which makes it really annoying to change fonts. So while Abiword has the perfect environment for the kind of writing I do (moreso than any other word processor for linux), given all its bugs I'm just not sure if I can trust it with my files."
"Should be a 5 - it's highly influenced by Aseprite (which is commercial tool highly regarded by professionals), and is incredibly feature rich and intuitive for creating pixel art. Why only 4 then? HORRIBLE performance/optimisation. For such a relatively simple program, it should not stutter, lag or leave screen artifacts between refreshes."
"The interface seems pretty good, but could work better - I only seem to be able to move one page around at a time, even with several highlighted, and even that is a bit dicey. Could be just me though... However, the program is ultimately useless for me as it wouldn't export, giving me an "expected object does not match actual" error instead. Could not find any solutions online. Just use LibreOffice Draw instead. It might be slightly more cumbersome depending on what you want to do, but it is feature rich and it works."
"The dev's insistence not to include any kind of file handling capabilities seems baffling to me. If you've got 1000 photos that need adjusting, and the client requires a specific format and naming convention, and wants them all by 9am the next morning, you don't want to be faddling about with external file managers. I cannot stress this enough - when I used to use lightroom, I wouln't consider it exaggeration to say the integrated file handling and conversion features accounted for about 50% of that program's usefulness. There's a reason Lightroom is the professional standard, and there's a reason Adobe includes the features it does. I wish I could give 2 1/2 stars - 50% points lost for 50% of functionality missing."
"Hope you like segmentation faults"