cloud synchronization engine - CLI and Nautilus extension
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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

This package provides a command-line tool and a Nautilus extension that integrates the Dropbox web service with your GNOME Desktop.
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Darroch 4 days ago

People looking for a better alternative to dropbox ought to check out MEGA. They offer a free account with up to 50 GB of cloud storage, end to end encryption and and excellent syncing application, MEGAsync desktop, which is available for umpteen linuxes plus a separate package to integrate MEGAsync with nemo, nautilus etc. enabling you to sync folders and files easily and quickly. The applications work great, much better than dropbox. MEGA is faster than Dropbox and MEGAsync is updated via a MEGA's own repository enabling you to update where, when and if you want to unlike Dropbox which updates its client automatically whether you wanted it to or not. I've been using MEGA for a while and think it's a great free service. it's everthing that dropbox should have been but wasn't.

Nyarlathotep 3 months ago

Website says Dropbox no longer supports Linux file systems.

super-seo-master 7 months ago

You have more free space with Google...

VA1DER 8 months ago

Opened up a terrible security hole in my system. Dropbox is set up, unfortunately, to allow itself to automatically update itself. This is basically a remote-code-execution backdoor for Dropbox to access my system. Preventing the automatic updates is more trouble than Dropbox is worth. Alternate projects like Syncthing offer the same functionality on resources I own. Have now fully migrated.

tzamoy 8 months ago

low free space but good app

Give_Trees_A_Chance 9 months ago

Does not work with drives formatted for LVM. So doesn't work on LVM or encrypted LVM drives. Utterly useless for those of us who use encryption.

tp0x45 9 months ago

Excellent backup system. Nice to have an install through Software Manager.

temhemka 10 months ago

It only support Ext4. If you don't have Ext4 partition, you can't use dropbox like me :/

jackstone 1 year ago

Was great until they accuse you of "Commercial Use" Even thought I did not use it commercially, once they have flagged you there is no return.

hughparker1 1 year ago

Just installed Dropbox (not Nautilus-dropbox) alongside Thunar-dropbox-plugin on Linux Mint 19 Xfce. Both working as expected. Expecially ICON in indicator panel does NOT have RED DIAGONAL line as happened previously

jepe 1 year ago

Dropbox is a must-have. There is a problem with it though:
it starts by itself on system startup very aggressively (it is very hard to prevent it from doing so, even on Linux).

But there are some workarounds, for example, I use Koofr – a very good cloud syncing application for handling your documents over several computers – and Koofr can integrate Dropbox, and I can download from Dropbox and upload to Dropbox without even installing the Dropbox app. Not to mention, that you can up/download stuff to/from Dropbox through your browser, too, when “sending” or “receiving” files from collaborator friends.

PapaMartz 1 year ago

works fine!!!

Dwn77 2 years ago

very good!

JaKaP 2 years ago

I have been using DropBox for years,, I really love it .. RECOMANDED

wilmil 2 years ago

Good Tool.

dominiq 2 years ago

Best for backup

KaloianNT 2 years ago

I love it!

martini 2 years ago

The best cloud app

rogerlibre 2 years ago

Adoro! Faz bakup na nuvem.

ld1duck 3 years ago

working perfectly