Simple and customizable editor for the Python language
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DrPython is a clean and simple yet powerful and highly customizable editor/environment for developing programs written in Python.

DrPython features:
* a high degree of customization through themes, which can change look and
feel, behavior, shortcuts and more
* DrScript: Write custom Python scripts with access to DrPython internals,
and access them from the menu
* bookmarks to quickly jump to files and directories
* Python debugger support
* a class browser
* printing support
Latest reviews
CrimzicZ 3 years ago

Hate it. So confusing it gives me a headache. I use Geany and Geany works perfectly for Python! No hassle!

alrimo 3 years ago

Always loved Dr Python. Simple and straightforward.

InactiveX 7 years ago

I really like this as a lite python IDE. Doesnt have the features of the big boys like Eclipse but very good for what it is

ulysses 8 years ago

Easy to use and well suited for rapid fault location and taste.

kiwi3000 9 years ago

great tool

dalek 9 years ago

very easy to use, I've tried them all and this is the one that I like best