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Currently working on developing applications for the Raspberry PI under Wheezy using Python and C++.

Very experienced Software architect with 20+ years experience developing user centred, enterprise scale and distributed software solutions in variety of architecture blueprints, including SOA, Cloud, Client Server and Web

Experience of the full software development life cycle using structured and Agile approaches and structured testing and quality assurance approaches.Familiar with Object Oriented Design principles, Design Patterns and UML

Microsoft .v1-4), ASP .NET (including Web Forms and MVC 3.0) VB.NET, c#, HTML, XML,JavaScript, JQuery, XML, XPath and XSLT, VB6. Classic ASP.Microsoft SQL Server (2000 onward), MySQL, Ingress, DB2.

Open Source and languages including Drupal, Django, WordPress, C/C++, Gambas,PHP and Python. Raspberry PI development especially XBMC interfaces. Linux, Windows Server (2000 onward), IIS, Apache. Installation and test. Load balancing and SQL Query Analysis

Active Directory/LDAP programming – ADSI and LDAP , Ms Office, LibreOffice. SVN, Source safe, Bugzilla. Cisco XML telephony programming. ITIL and SOX compliance experience.



Hammer459 (5150xp)

telcnas (552xp)

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2wire "x Intel Pentium(R) Duo CPU E6300 @2.80 GHz, Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"Very nice - lean and mean and does the job as described"
"One of the best disk tools ever. Feature rich, stable with an easy to use GUI"
"Quite simply Photoshop for Linux but better still"
"Although the gui could be improved the functionality of VLC is imcomparable. If you want a media player that does it all then VLC is certainly the one to use. You can find it in the Linux PPA."