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full featured Python IDE
10 reviews

Eric is a full featured Python IDE written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget. Some highlights
* Any number of editors with configurable syntax highlighting, code
folding, auto indenting and brace highlighting.
* Integrated Project Management facility to organize your projects. The
project browser shows all source files, all forms and all translations
each on its own tab. The source browser has built in class browsing
* Integrated and full featured debuggers for Python and Ruby.
* Interactive shells for Python and Ruby.
* An explorer window for walking through your directory structure with
built in class browsing capabilities for Python files.
* Variable windows that display local and global variables in the
current scope while debugging a program.
* An integrated interface to the Python Module "unittest".
* An integrated help viewer to display HTML help files. Alternatively
you can choose to use Qt-Assistant to view help files.
* Display of the UI in different languages.
* The capability to start Qt-Designer and Qt-Linguist from within eric5.
* The ability to compile Qt-Designer forms, to produce Qt-Linguist files
and release them from within the IDE.

User reviews:

3 years ago
5 native python ide supporting qt - most productive

3 years ago
4 Version 6 works with PyQt5 but LMDE2 still works with PyQt4 Please update!!

4 years ago
5 worth for upgrading version 6 stable, possible install on Mint 17 KDE from sources

6 years ago
5 Excellent IDE - worth upgrading to version 5! The interface is both intuitive and fast. I had one issue where a plugin failed and it sent the developers an email. Within 48 hours I received an email back that a patch had been applied.

6 years ago
5 Excellent IDE. Take the time to read the tutorials. They are very good.

6 years ago
4 Celkom dobré vývojové prostredie pre python

6 years ago
5 Very nice for python development and with loads of settings to adjust/use!

7 years ago
5 Really good IDE for Python especially for those new to python (like me !)

8 years ago
5 Buon tool

8 years ago
5 really pythonic