groupware suite with mail client and organizer
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Evolution is a groupware suite which integrates mail, calendar, address book, to-do list and memo tools.

Additional features include integration with Exchange servers, newsgroup client, LDAP support and web calendars

Evolution is a graphical application that is part of GNOME, and is distributed by Novell, Inc.

See http://projects.gnome.org/evolution/ for more information.

The following plugins belonging to the "base" set are included.
- calendar-file
- calendar-http
- itip-formatter
- default-source
- addressbook-file
- mark-all-read
- publish-calendar
- caldav
- imap-features
- google-account-setup
- webdav-account-setup
- calendar-weather
- sa-junk-plugin
- bogo-junk-plugin
Latest reviews
juan-lutz 10 months ago

Using it in LM 19 is a great expirience that my google account was recognize without problem ... the integration with the system is great. I was user of thunderbird and it works better ... Very good job !

vince1989 11 months ago

Mixed feelings experience. From one side I seem to like the design and its auto-configurability . On the other, it is a buggy software, and it is amazing the fact that despite having being around for this long it is still buggy. I find it hard to reccomend it on top of the competition, namely Thunderbird from Mozilla.

daffa 1 year ago

Excellent, better than thunderbird

jastombaugh 1 year ago

Evolution reminded me a lot of MS Outlook. It handled the PST files well, and integrated smoothly in a corporate environment for an otherwise Microsoft-minded office. There were times, however, that my OS would seem to halt when running Evolution for about a minute or two at a time. Only noticed it when Evolution was running. (Maybe a background process that would demand 100% cpu usage). Other than that, it seemed fairly stable, (just a wee bit buggy maybe), pretty solid and reliable overall. Ended up switching to Thundirbird with MailDav to handle my Outlook account, but Evolution is a great choice and saw lots of use!

robert_mint 1 year ago

Perfect. In combination with SyncEvolution and Synthesis you can syncronize with Android.

climenole 2 years ago

bien fait, beau et fonctionnel MAIS pas en français.... dommage :(

novell 2 years ago

Все работает, но не очень удобная, много левых функций!

jpberes 2 years ago

My favorite ... I'm using Evolution a couple of years now, never had problems, nice integration with Gnome-Calendar and nice compatibility for Microsoft .pst datafiles !

Grumpy649 2 years ago

Constant errors, never ran smoothly soooo back to Thunderbird :(

jolouis32 2 years ago


JerryFerreira 2 years ago

Too flaky. Sometimes errors getting mail; no in-app ability to sync Google Contacts now that Google forces Oauth

SoulWax 3 years ago

Impossible to filter spam because spamassasin and bogofillter integration are missing!

paris_esport 3 years ago

Was using Thunderbird, but got so much problems... a friend said me to install Evolution, and this is now my favorite !

RinusvW 3 years ago

\Linux Mint is still running version 3.13.7. Is not able to display pictures in some mailformats :-( We really need an update to a more recent version.

toughIQ 3 years ago

Great for Enterprise environment, but version 3.10 seems to be buggy. Problems with Calendar updates, searching Global Address List. And Evolution crashes each time I want to edit my email signature. Pse update, thx.

ksolanki 3 years ago

This version has security issues and is not the latest stable version available for linux mint 17.3. Could you please make the latest version available. Thanks.

snypa007 3 years ago

The only thing keeping me from being fully on board is that I have to turn on access for less secure apps in gmail. I'll give it another try when this is fixed.

essemme 3 years ago

Mai riuscito a configurarlo nonostante diversi tentativi

cmdr_gicu 3 years ago

Love it - next great e-mail client!.

alexey-1111 3 years ago

Very cool Outlook replacement. But "Not Stable" in Mint. Pleeeease fix. Also pleeease imrove email adress lookup.