groupware suite with mail client and organizer
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Evolution is a groupware suite which integrates mail, calendar, address book, to-do list and memo tools.

Additional features include integration with Exchange servers, newsgroup client, LDAP support and web calendars

The following plugins belonging to the "base" set are included. - calendar-file - calendar-http - itip-formatter - default-source - addressbook-file - mark-all-read - publish-calendar - caldav - imap-features - google-account-setup - webdav-account-setup - calendar-weather - sa-junk-plugin - bogo-junk-plugin
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sipbarin 1 month ago

A good mail program, well balanced in everything. Stable operation, all the necessary tools for working with various services. For novice users, just connect your Google or Microsoft account with GNOME Network Accounts and Evolution will automatically set everything up! I recommend

adamanon 8 months ago

Gmail support in Evolution has been seemingly broken for years and the devs are either unable or unwilling to fix this. Evolution randomly disconnects from all Gmail accounts with multiple errors: "The name :1.13 was not provided by any .service files". Posts complaining about this very error go back as far as 2016 or more. This happens every day and you have to kill all Evolution processes (evolution --force-shutdown) and restart it and it might fix it for a day. Luckily, Thunderbird seems to have matured nicely and seems to work fine with Gmail IMAP and CalDAV protocols (Calendar and Contacts work too).

Felizia 1 year ago

Läuft bei mir einwandfrei, ist aufgeräumt, übersichtlich und sehr gut konfigurierbar. Das beste Email-Programm überhaupt, optisch wie das frühere Outlook 2007. Mit dem Backup der persönlichen Einstellungen von Mint können alle Daten von Evolution gesichert werden. CalDav ist ebenfalls möglich und vieles mehr.

mirohh 1 year ago

I liked it for some month. But after a while the spamfilter (i used no external filter) marked my own mail as spam. Now i am back to TB. -sorry

lapolingo 1 year ago

Nutze es für Google und Outlook. Funktioniert ohne Probleme inklusive Kalender und Kontakte. Tip für Outlook: evolution-ews nicht vergessen zu installieren. Exchange benutzen und als server s.outlook.com eintragen.

j22john 2 years ago

Used Thunderbird + Lightning for many years (8+); switched to Evolution one year ago. It works with some bugs as Thunderbird works with some bugs. 50/50 toss up by my reckoning. My one issue with Evolution is installation: Using two machines and three installs, when installed from Synaptic or Software Manager it would NEVER work giving a broken pipe error trying to connect to Yahoo Mail. When installed from the Flatpak version it works as advertised. At this time, I plan to continue using Evolution.

miloz 2 years ago

Nice, but too many bugs. I need to read/send emails, not searching for issued solutions

lafontaj 2 years ago

Really good Email Client and Agenda but i always have that message with Google contacts sync on Evolution 3.36.5-0ubuntu1: Requête URI ou en-tête non valide, ou paramètre anormal non pris en charge : Contacts API is being deprecated. Migrate to People API to retain programmatic access to Google Contacts. See https://developers.google.com/people/contacts-api-migration.

brimurray 2 years ago

Fully functional. Use etesync for encrypted caldav and carddav.

Fikret71 2 years ago

Für mich DAS E-Mail Programm. Die Benutzbarkeit im vergleich zum Thundurbird ist Phänomenal.

52ROSt 2 years ago

For me Evolution is the best email and PIM system available. I flawlessly can synch my contacts, calendar, tasks of my mobile phone via our NextCloud. I also can handle my various email accounts; this mainly as POP3 but also others as IMAP accounts.I keep finders crossed that this excellent piece of SW will be continued.

ardor 2 years ago

I like Evolution. It is simple to use and simple to setup for use with email and calendar accounts on remote servers, using SMTP/IMAP/CALDAV.

charlezo 2 years ago

wenn eine Anwendung nicht im Stande ist mehr als einen E-Mail Account zu verarbeiten - ist das ein Armutszeugnis . Ergo - deinstalliert und abgehakt!

RB-Softarticle 2 years ago

Das beste E-Mail Programm unter Linux. Genau das habe ich als Ex-Windows User gesucht, steht Outlook in nix nach. Jetzt ist Linux für mich nahezu perfekt. Macht bitte weiter so. Vielen Dank

tkruemmer 3 years ago

This is probably the No. 1 e-mail client for Linux. Being able to sync with iCloud is a big plus, and of course S/MIME and PGP integration. Compared to inferior e-mail/calendar/contact clients out there, Evolution's GUI is really ugly. Also HTML mail display in Evolution is not good. But that is probably the price to pay for this state-of-the-art client.

ViennaHardRocker 3 years ago

Extremely good software and great replacement for Outlook & Co.

chris38 3 years ago

still my favorite email client despite some workable bugs, in particular the recovery of data from an old version of evolution that should not be done when launching the application for the first time (during installation) at the risk of not being able to reset the things in order. Among the most compared to other messaging: simplicity, backup restoration, the fact of simply extracting or integrating a message by copy paste ..., (from Mint 20 version 3.36.4-0ubuntu1) ***EDIT*** Spoken too fast: Message cannot be received and returns an error "Error during TLS negotiation: A packet with illegal or unsupported version was received." : therefore unusable

josta 3 years ago

Its my favorite mail and calendar program that I won't miss. I had the problem of how to use it without "Connection to calendar xxxxx not possible" after upgrading 19.3 -> 20. The post of diapason helped me a bit, but not completely. *SOLUTION* completely uninstlall evolution. Via BleachBit i cleaned my storage [of course this is a lazy solution ->Terminal rulez always ;) ] After cleanage and uninstall I reinstalled evolution. Without cleaning some stuff it hadn't worked. Up to know this programm runs again like a charm. Hopefully forever ;)

diapason 3 years ago

My preferred email client and I have used it for years. It was working perfectly in Mint 19.3, Evolution version 3.28.5, (Ubuntu 18.04). When I upgraded to Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu 20.04) which has Evolution version 3.36.3 it would not connect to my swissmail address. There was an error performing the TLS handshake. **SOLUTION** I installed the latest version 3.36.4 from the Gnome weblink above.

scalpa 3 years ago

Great, much faster on start than Thunderbird. One weak point: I could not display a Google Calendar someone shares with me, which on Thunderbird works very well.