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"My firm has adopted MS Teams and I have been accessing my MS Teams work account via web browser in Linux. This standalone MS Teams software for Linux works as expected. The software claims to offer a better experience than running via browser, something I haven't been able to confirm, and as of now I see no big advantage of running the standalone software rather than running via the web browser. "
"This app carries the spirit of LINUX. Simple interface yet a lot of useful features under the hood. Since using a computer is all about organizing information and this app helps you organize information in a very, very good way, I would give this app six stars if that was possible. In my office, I use OneNote as part of MS Teams and despite the huge investment by MS in OneNote, Zim in my view solves to challenge of organizing information much better than OneNote. If you haven't tried Zim yet, you should, and if you like it as much as I do please consider supporting the gentleman behind this app. "
"After having evaluated loads of lightweight browsers, Falkon came out as my favorite. Ease of use, lightweight and AdBlock brings you far."
"I have been using Kleopatra for years for managing certificates. This is a very useful component."
"I have used this for a while but have recently faced repeated crashes, particularly when I want to copy and paste RSS feeds that contain objects like embedded videos. I use Linux Mint 20.1."
"I like Evolution. It is simple to use and simple to setup for use with email and calendar accounts on remote servers, using SMTP/IMAP/CALDAV."