Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files
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FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created. It supports the most obscure ancient formats up to the cutting edge.

This package contains: * ffmpeg: a command line tool to convert multimedia files between formats * ffplay: a simple media player based on SDL and the FFmpeg libraries * ffprobe: a simple multimedia stream analyzer * qt-faststart: a utility to rearrange Quicktime files
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BlueSteel 2 months ago

It would be awesome if this was included with Mint, but at least it was as easy to install as pressing install.

bayucs83 4 months ago

This is far too important to not be included straight away from Mint's OOTB experience, but hey they make it easy to install so whatever.

zack 1 year ago

The best and fastest to manipulate the video stream quickly, to add sound or remove it. I use it mainly with the command line, it's the fastest, no waste of time with a graphic resource, really great. With this command line tool, I can add a sound track in a few seconds, divide the weight of a video just by choosing the right bitrate, put an image on a sound, remove the sound from a video, etc...

robinechuca 1 year ago

Excellent tool in all! It's powerful, light, ultra complete! The video viewer is the most efficient of all those I tested. It is much better than VLC and celluloide in terms of cpu and ram usage. Congratulations to the programmers of ffmpeg and libav!

redhat 1 year ago

ffmpeg can't be overrated. It too amazing.

ok_what 3 years ago

A really powerful tool that does a wide range of things.

justhelpingothers 5 years ago

powerful command line tool. The installation process is VERY easy here on linux mint.

avtoigor 7 years ago

Кодировщик видео работает Спасибо

brunopsk2 7 years ago

essencial para edição de video. continua sendo a essencia da coisa

jakeo25 8 years ago

ffmpeg is still a superior utility. Instead of libav, I downloaded & compiled from ffmpeg.org. Sorry, but hard to teach this old dog new tricks.

megalife21 8 years ago

Will this program allow me to live stream audio and video over the Internet as a broadcaster?

ben2talk 8 years ago

I'm shocked that it's not in Linux Mint repositories!

mikefreeman 8 years ago

Libav is a terrible substitute for the amazing ffmpeg package. Since ffmpeg was deprecated, I can't do much of anything with cross-platform video encoding, and DVD Styler crashes because it needs ffmpeg. Whoever thought this was a good idea has some serious delusions..

ew59 9 years ago


vxnvxn 9 years ago

excelente herramienta para la edicion de videos, lo recomiendo

robsku 9 years ago

A must have even just for the codecs

talo 9 years ago

excellent for video and audio editing.

TommyBdk 10 years ago

Converts all my videos with ffmpeg.

xhlatky 10 years ago

works for me

TheOldFellow 10 years ago

Not real ffmpeg, but the inferior avconv