Civilization turn based strategy game (GTK+ client)
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Freeciv is a free clone of the turn based strategy game Civilization. In this game, each player becomes leader of a civilisation, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal: the extinction of all other civilisations.

This is the GTK 2 version of Freeciv. It is recommended to install the »freeciv-client-gtk3« package and to use the GTK 3 client unless you really want to try this one.
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4ndy 7 years ago

NB: you MUST also install freeciv-server in order to play local/offline games. Decent, very much like Civ2, has a quite dated UI now, while also lacking the human element of the original series (e.g. advisors, audio quotes). Highly customisable of course.

Jean178716 7 years ago

I spent days in it, its great !

ugnikalvis 7 years ago

Do not work

Byuik 8 years ago

Убогий интерфейс , давно не обновляется , боюсь это уже не игра.

benjy 8 years ago

you must install freeciv-server to play

LinuxFan5 8 years ago

Cant start :/ (Mint 17.3)

Martin_Ziegler 8 years ago

Hinter der einfach gehaltenen Spiel-Grafik steckt echt viel Startegie dahinter :) Einfach Hammer !

GryphonBrook 9 years ago

Does not warn you that you must also install the server software (which is needed even for local games.) Otherwise works fine.

Link9 9 years ago

Клон цивилизации графа конечно никакая но логика игры покрывает этот минус.

Dirkoir 9 years ago

WARNING! This package is seriously broken. On LM17 it (A) installed two clients; (B) wouldn't run either of them (can'topen server ... and that when you want to play single player); and (C) upon uninstall left an unremovable residue in the Games menu, meaning my Menu files are now corrupted. I may have to track them down and edit in text mode to fix this. I am very much NOT impressed.

heidfeld67 10 years ago


romanyacik 10 years ago

single-player mode doesnt work on Mint 15 KDE

kInOzAwA 10 years ago

Civilization is the first turn-based strategy game i played on MS Windows back in year '93. It was a lot fun and since then i was a huge fan for them. Btw, on the free civ i see more complexity add on the gameplay which is harder for a beginner and take longer time to finish the game. Kudos to the developer for the great gaming experiences. Keep update and hope to see the improvement from time to time.

PanTJ 11 years ago

Uwielbiam ją

brucemuggins 11 years ago

VERY addictive! Lacks music and animation, but still heaps of fun. I've wasted hours on this.

angelmorin 11 years ago

Me encanta el juego, es increhible

axldavis2012 11 years ago

its ggggrrreeat just needs more government options

bart9h 12 years ago

Way better than the original.

nDR01d 12 years ago

one of the best foss games

brannyh 12 years ago

A fantastic game, can be complicated for beginners though.