2018-11-14 12:03:53

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Title Score
Hardware devices
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RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter
Realtek WIFI card/adapter/dongle, Isn't detected or recognized
Mint (older version)
Software reviews
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"Something is odd (Linux Mint 17 Qiana, btw). I see no icon in the system tray or a process running that's called mintupload. Still, 'which mintupload' in the terminal leads me to /usr/bin/mintupload and /usr/bin/mintupload-manager. I only came here because I found mintupload listed and checked by default in my Startup Application Preferences and I wanted to find out what on Earth this is... Apparently it fails to start up on my machine."
"Much more self explanatory than Synaptic. Sadly, the comment feature has been buggy for years. I (and other people) always get told our community login information is incorrect, even though it isn't. (I wrote this on the community website where my login works just fine, including with the new password I just made hoping to resolve the issue (which it didn't). Pity, considering this feature is so useful for others and would be for me, too."
"Doesn't work with my Canon PIXMA MX922 even though that scanner is at least a year and a half old. If there is a way to make it work with that, it's not properly implemented or explained in the program. Disappointed. I have to make do with Canon's own ScanGear software I found on the web somewhere on an Asian server."
"WARNING! This package is seriously broken. On LM17 it (A) installed two clients; (B) wouldn't run either of them (can'topen server ... and that when you want to play single player); and (C) upon uninstall left an unremovable residue in the Games menu, meaning my Menu files are now corrupted. I may have to track them down and edit in text mode to fix this. I am very much NOT impressed."
"With built-in spell checker, it's a little above your average default text editor, but not by much. Gedit has trouble with slightly large (e.g. 2.7 MB) text files and has no macro making or line length reformatting. Sort and capitalization change can be added via plug-ins (the Sort plugin has a very neat 'remove duplicates' feature) once you learn about the plugins, that is. But, by that time you are probably already searching for a more powerful text editor -- one which is more befitting the tweak-everything Linux world. ;-)"