two single player campaigns for Doom-compatible engines
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The Freedoom project aims to produce three base-game data files (IWADs) for Doom-compatible engines. With it comes the capability to also play the wide range of mods created for Doom by a vibrant community.

Freedoom: Phase 1 contains four chapters, nine levels each, to provide a smoothly-paced first person action game. In it is a wide variety of mazes and enemies to fight and challenge your reflexes.

Freedoom: Phase 2 is a 32-level game, expanding upon Phase 1 and adding a double-barrelled shotgun and more enemy types, along with even more brutal gameplay to really test your limits.

Freedoom: Phase 1 is fully compatible with The Ultimate Doom mods. Freedoom: Phase 2 is fully compatible with Doom II and Final Doom mods.
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PythonIsDaBest21 1 year ago

I love this game. It feels retro. Also a bit harder than doom. I play this game on my RG351V and DSi.

bettydalton 5 years ago

Godfather of all shooter games. And now available in Linux. Plays super smooth. It rocks just the same as it did before. Still spooky and terrifying because of the simplicity of the hardcore action. Massive amount of possibilities to change all sorts of settings. But straight out of the box it plays simply great! So happy that Doom is back in my life with Linux !

Tomi1980 5 years ago

DOOM :D remek!!!

Ney_Candido 5 years ago

Doom is great, freedoom is equally great. Some monsters are better and some not (the flame thrower and the plasma spiders aren't well made) , but the levels of phase II is far better than classic Doom II. A must have.

erobcastro 6 years ago

classic is classic! \o/

irmajerk 8 years ago

Very nice free port of the Doom wad files, very similar graphics, nice annoying enemies, good fun to play. You'll need a Doom engine to play this game, I suggest prboom+. Highly recommended.

bjtamas 8 years ago

Emlékeztet a Doom játékra, régies grafika, hangok stb.

mbott1982 10 years ago

Best game ever!

quake0 11 years ago

Doom Rocks!

xovan 11 years ago

Freedoom is an attempt to make an opensource set of doom art/levels. Unfortunately many of the levels are not well done. However with PrBoom and freedoom you can get many old doom mods to work reasonably well. Though a few of the 3rd party levels with fancy scripts can become impossible to complete normally.

SilasMortimer 12 years ago

At times, it's a bit too derivative, though I suppose that's the point. Nevertheless, it's nice that it's available.