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"Great way to change settings if you know what you are doing."
"Best video player ever. Plays everything. Just a no brainer. Vlc is a must have for anyone who wants it all. Still discover functions that are wonderful and just are not to be found in other players. The possibilies to change settings are almost endless but straight out of the box it plays great already. Even dvd's with heavy copy protection can be opened by Vlc. I love it !"
"Godfather of all shooter games. And now available in Linux. Plays super smooth. It rocks just the same as it did before. Still spooky and terrifying because of the simplicity of the hardcore action. Massive amount of possibilities to change all sorts of settings. But straight out of the box it plays simply great! So happy that Doom is back in my life with Linux !"
"Excellent selection of world wide radio stations! Anything can be found. What a treasure cove. And everything plays in a heartbeat. Super user friendly because Gradio gave an even better overview of the different programs from my favorite radiostation than I could find before on the website itself. Have tried other radioprograms but they all were so sparse. However Gradio is a feast for the eyes because of the user friendly graphical interface. Great Stuff."