Manage your collections of movies, games, books, music and more
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GCstar is an application for managing your collections. It supports many types of collections, including movies, books, games, comics, stamps, coins, and many more. You can even create your own collection type for whatever unique thing it is that you collect.

Detailed information on each item can be automatically retrieved from the Internet and you can store additional data, such as the location or who you've lent it to. You may also search and filter your collection by many criteria.

GCstar is the successor GCfilms and is compatible to its databases. As GCfilms isn't developed any more GCstars replaces GCfilms.
Latest reviews
lsemmens 4 years ago

Useful tool - required some adapting to my needs, but works quite well. I just hope it stays around for many years to come.

yashletn 7 years ago

L'exportation ne fonctionne pas.

arborad 7 years ago

Skvelý program, ďakujem :)

synkoptik 7 years ago

Thanks to @shopfell, 'sudo gcstar -u' did the trick. Was using Data Crow 4.1, another good one with all the bells and whisles, maybe not as pretty though. Who cares?

shapfell 8 years ago

After downloading it for Mint 17.1 it wouldn't find any movies. Run 'gcstar -u' in Terminal to update and it should work.

tespit 9 years ago

Cannot import folder properly, cannot tag all of the movies, particularly movie names

Odysseys 10 years ago

It refuses to work in my Mint 15 desktop machine. Didn't tell me any error messages, even when started from command line. I didn't find any solution to make it work, so I decided to remove it.

jonjermey 10 years ago

I use it to keep track of my work projects; I have a customised interface with many custom fields and five tabbed panels, and it doesn't miss a beat. Tellico is also very good, but this is better.

arcorreia 10 years ago

All my collections in one place, outstanding features, simple interface, small learning curve, it's the swiss army's knife of it's kind. Highly recomended!

larune 10 years ago

Excellent, juste faire la mise à jour avant pour pouvoir uploader les info depuis le net, juste un bémol il plante de temps en temps sur allocine, à part ca c'est un must have :)

Bob-Tom 10 years ago

I Like It

baztabroh 11 years ago

very nice

fdbozzo 11 years ago

Me encanta, es super util! / I love it, is super usefull!

5_O_Clock_Charlie 12 years ago

I like it ! Very useful.

JeanGrosJean 12 years ago

Love it too!

rel_dude 12 years ago

Love it!

flan_suse 12 years ago

Best one out there for managing personal collections. Not too heavy, and highly customizable. Few bugs, but nothing major.

Elisa 12 years ago

Good ;-)

michal_s 12 years ago

Bardzo dobry program!

joanlequi 12 years ago

Excelente manejador de colecciones de películas, juegos, libros, música y mas.