Architecture for desktop applets
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GDesklets is an architecture for "desklets", which are tiny applets sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness.

You can populate your desktop with status meters, icon bars, weather sensors, news tickers... whatever you can imagine... Virtually anything is possible and may even be available some day.

This package includes a small number of applets.
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fkbm 4 years ago

I do see that the most reviews are pretty old. As the application is now I love it. I searched for desktop widgets (desklet) and got them. I especially wanted the watch. I also love the fact that you can code your own.

Harsha92 6 years ago

Calander & Clock is Superb... <3

TigerShark 8 years ago

Mint 16 Mate 64 installed and running on a 32 GB USB drive. As a nearly complete NOOB, located, installed, used the program. I installs just fine and seems to do what it says it will. The program may be useless, but for me, it DOES work "out of the box".

javajim 8 years ago

most useless crap i ever installed on my mint 15. just don't install it. its outdated

garretthylltun 8 years ago

Works on Mint 15 with MATE. PPA source is dead, Website is dead.

aillescas 9 years ago

Works fine with compiz and mint maya + mate perfect match

JSB2010 10 years ago

It doesn't work "out of the box." You must modify some code in a .PY file to make it work. Afterwards, it runs for about a minute and then freezes.

riki 10 years ago

Uninstalled. Doesn't work. Waste of time.

simmy 10 years ago

tiny.ccgdesklets (tiny url to mint forum) should help solve peoples' issues for this, be sure to thank the author of said post on forum for his help

prosiedem 11 years ago

doesn't start up

stevobengtson 11 years ago

Kind of clunky but works well.

flor_de_azucena 11 years ago

Couldn't get them work. I wonder why.