Lightweight email client designed for the GNOME desktop
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Geary is an email reader for GNOME designed to let you read your email quickly and effortlessly. Its interface is based on conversations, so you can easily read an entire discussion without having to click from message to message.
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Hermishmer 3 months ago

Works just fine, nice clean and simple, BUT DO NOT LOGIN THROUGH GEARY ITSELF. Instead find "Online Accounts" in your control center and login there, the next time you open Geary it will auto log in.

caltrop4 1 year ago

first the keyring crap, next it will NOT access gmail

JimmiVP 1 year ago

Perfect. I already had my accounts entered in Linux Mint, so i just installed Geary and didnt have to do anything. Just works. Not bloated with calendars, to-do lists and other crap. Its lightweight and beautiful. Its everything that Thunderbird isnt.

Randomized 1 year ago

The integration with Gnome's online accounts is means all one needs to do is install the app and it is up and running. The look and feel has a nice blend of Mac Mail and Gmail, and unlike other applications which try to do everything, Geary does just email. It's perfect, and at less than 10 Megs it's a great, lightweight email client. I hope future enhancements will include local storage and moving emails between accounts.

SalvoRubino 1 year ago

The best email client (in my experience) because: work very well, integrates with differen de (kde, cinnamon, gnome and so on) but, the most important point, it have a look that makes work easier... No complications; you can view preview on left and email on right, preview have 3 lines and every seems clean and robust.

montoya 1 year ago

i installed it and tried with my gmail account. All i got was error messages about name and password. Double checked it on another couple of attempts and still it would not accept my credentials. To be sure, i tried my ymail account and also got nothing but errors. A couple of tries more, and i decided to uninstall it. It might work, ..., but not for my system apparentlly (Mint, 2.0)

eoinpomahony 2 years ago

First time user: I needed a light client for the first itme in years and it is really good.

nowakowski 2 years ago

The best mail client on Linux. Beautiful. Modern. Minimalist. Well designed. You can really rely on it. It's really useful. Unfortunately, this version is very old (from 2018). Use the flatpak version, which up-to-date.

fabianyate 2 years ago

It works but i got an issue. When I'm trying to log my gmail account it doesn't work. But it's pretty easy, useful and beautiful.

charsi 3 years ago

Perfect little app. Uncomplicated and works as intended.

astrojuanlu 3 years ago

Simple, good-looking and easy to use. Exactly what I needed!

goloka 4 years ago

agradable lector IMAP de correo,

jjmk1 4 years ago

uses way less memory than thunderbird! but i hate light themes how can i put a dark theme on Geary?

alcoban 4 years ago

çok iyi ve hızlı

momowawa 4 years ago

Très bien, léger, simple, rapide et complet. Fait parfaitement le JOB utilisation avec office 365 (imap). Je recommande.

linuxfanboy 5 years ago

lite and modern looking, I hope the put a refresh feature it could usefull, thanks developers & staff!!

AndersCF 5 years ago

Looks great, easy to use, lightweight, and supports multiple accounts easily. Could use more signature options though.

MtHermon 5 years ago

shows promise but crashes frequently working with drafts in imap

khaozavr 5 years ago

Finally, a good-looking and lightweight client! Very neat and usable, and fast! The only thing missing is Microsoft Exchange support.

Babakott 6 years ago

Good mail client and it is light weight. Has a good looking interface