GTK+ front-end for eSpeak and mbrola
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Gespeaker is a GTK+ frontend for eSpeak and mbrola. It allows one to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch, volume, speed and word gap.

Since version 0.6 it can use mbrola package and voices to obtain a more realistic text reading experience.
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CmdrMic 3 years ago

This is a fantastic little program. One of the nicest things it does is it lets you SAVE out any length of text to an audio WAV file. You can, very quickly create audio files for an entire book. The voice is rather robotic, but you will get used to it, after a time - even like it. The WAV file can be converted and compressed easily to an MP3 file with ffmpeg. VERY USEFUL for audio learners!

rayxoxo 8 years ago

A fairly good TTS - and more voices and languages are available.

Rebel450 9 years ago


jahid_0903014 10 years ago

All in one for text to speech