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"This is a fantastic little program. One of the nicest things it does is it lets you SAVE out any length of text to an audio WAV file. You can, very quickly create audio files for an entire book. The voice is rather robotic, but you will get used to it, after a time - even like it. The WAV file can be converted and compressed easily to an MP3 file with ffmpeg. VERY USEFUL for audio learners!"
"PINTA IS FIXED! Pinta seems now to be working perfectly in Linux Mint 19.1 It was broken for a good six months and was always crashing. But now it is back to performing perfectly. Pinta is hard to beat! FROM : 3 Montths ago: CRASHES ON ALL BUT SMALL FILES. This program used to be really great, and was a super lightweight alternative to GIMP. Unfortunately, once I went to LM 19.1 it started crashing all the time. It seems now, it only works with very small files. If you load a larger image, it dumps you out. "
"Works fine, but the GUI must be brought up from terminal as root. GUI looks fine on LM 19.1 to me. Excellent replacement for Gmount-ISO which is completely non-functional now in LM 19.1"
"Unfortuantely, completely Non-Functional now in LM 19.1 reports: "An Error has Occured". I spent hours trying to get it to work. No Joy. Try Gisomount... Works for me."
"Worthless. Linux Mint 19.1 Crashes whenever I try to load a video. REMOVED. Note: This is a VERY old version. 1.7 current."
"Wanted to use this to merge mp3 files with the subprogram qmp3join. Would not function with comand syntax. Just kept reporting no file header. Tried with different mp3 files. same result. Syntax. qmp3join -o . Always reports "No Header Found" for first file. Does not create new file, even with -f (force) command."
"Terrific little command line utility will easily turn any text file into a Morse Code Mp3 file of the contents! Neat! Excellent for creating your own audio Morse Code tutor and practice mp3s. Sounds great, very useful, highly configurable. Fast. "
"One of the BEST Code Tutor Programs available. Terrific and enjoyable to use! Best of all, VERY customizable. For beginners, this program is particularly helpful. Nice interface. Remember, its graphical, but starts at the terminal with: xcwcp. You can make a desktop shortcut if you like..."
"Wow. This is a GREAT little animation program, quite powerful and able to save your creations in a variety of formats. Much easier than trying to master animation in something like GIMP. Very well laid out, nice interface. Works very well and is logical to learn. Delighted.!"