Extracts cursors and icons from MS Windows compatible resource files
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GExtractWinIcons can extract cursors, and icons from MS Windows compatible resource files (like .exe, .dll, .ocx, .cpl).

Both icons, cursors and PNG images can be extracted from resources files with different resolution and color depth. The extracted icon files can be also used for "favicon.ico" website icon.
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MestreLion 8 years ago

AMAZING little app! Easily extracts icons from EXEs and DLLs. Read groups and individual icons, save in PNG and ICO, preserving all attributes in filename. VERY helpful

Xyie 8 years ago

Works very well to get icons out of files. There's some minor features I wish this tool had, but it gets done what it claims very easily and very well.

scorici 9 years ago

In windows I've used Any2Icon, and this is exellent to me because I need Icons from .exe for a image to a its launcher. Because I still use some software in wine , chess software that is. :) Great.