chess game with 3D graphics for GNOME (transitional package)
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This is a transitional package to ease upgrades to gnome-chess. It can be safely removed.
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kulvikram 7 years ago

AI is good.. some international rules are not followed... yet okay

letsTradeQueens 7 years ago

Great chess game! The easy setting is pretty challenging--took me 3 games to finally win once. Great interface and animations. Well done!

Banzai_Beagle 8 years ago

Very hard to beat the computer even on the easy setting.

alexlopes 10 years ago

Simples e cumpre com o objetivo. O melhor é poder rodar diversos motores (Stockfish, Glaurung, Fruit, Crafty...) que podem ser configurados para diversos níveis de jogabilidade.

aldano 10 years ago

Like It .

jmaz 10 years ago

Fairly good graphics and it allows you to import external engines.

kneekoo 11 years ago

:) This game is quite nice. It's not as easy as it should in "easy" mode and it would be nice if it had 5 difficulty modes (beginner, easy, experienced, advanced, expert), but those experienced enough will certainly have fun. I beat it on easy but I didn't try really hard to be very careful about each move and I used undo a couple of times. :) So those who are beginners should simply use undo when necessary. It's enough that the game allows you to do that so you can learn from your mistakes and simply move on through the game.

chash27 11 years ago

simpler that other one.

Redstring 11 years ago

As a beginner the lighted tiles for pieces in jeopardy really come in handy. As well as the option to number the tiles. Features I do not remember being on my Windows 7 chess game. The only complains is I wish it had a 1-10 difficulty option instead of only Easy, Med, Hard (Easy seems a little harder than it should be). Also, the 3d mode has pretty basic graphic quality. Not a big deal if you prefer 2d like I do.

Calensito 12 years ago

Este y el dreamches me gustan mucho :)

Cipi 12 years ago

Simple and hard game... 2 hard to win even @ easy playing...

mactar 12 years ago

mactar c'est sympa

akash211 12 years ago

Why it is so tough to win

nikunj 12 years ago

So nice game

zata 12 years ago

Simple, nice and clean, just love classic 2D view.

kronomia 12 years ago

A simple but yet decent chess engine.

Xyie 12 years ago

A classic 2D view AND a 3D view? Both with animation? Even though I never win at these, this looks like a really nice chess game.