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graphical jukebox for large music collections
42 reviews

Gmusicbrowser is a powerful graphical browser which supports libraries with a very large number of songs (over 10,000).

It can use multiple inputs and has native support for MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files. It also supports mass-renaming and mass-retagging of a song library, multiple genres per song, ratings, and customizable labels.

gmusicbrowser has a customizable window layout, and comes with plugins to use, retrieve lyrics, or find album pictures and WebContext (using the Mozilla or WebKit engines to display the artist's page on Wikipedia and search for lyrics with Google).

User reviews:

6 months ago
4 Very good system, but needs a delete button on each panel when an item is selected. There is a "Remove" command, but it is not easy to find.

1 year ago
5 Not perfect, but the best I tried on Linux. Can organize files AND do a Replaygain analysis AND fetch Lyrics AND manage big collections fast, and the list goes on. Try find those capabilities elsewhere !

2 years ago
5 Amazing!!!

2 years ago
4 I'm a relative newbie and was using Rhythmbox. It was okay, but I wanted something better. I just switched to gmusicbrowser and it is definitely better for organizing and selecting music. Not only that, my music sounds cleaner and crisper with gmusicbrowser. I'll wait a while before giving it 5 stars.

3 years ago
4 my favourite music player in ubuntu family (used on xubuntu & mint), wonderful UI - not 5 stars because i've already lost my ratings several times due to an OS crash

3 years ago
5 I tried a few music players but I stuck with this one. It doesn't crash. Lots of features- Not always intuitive but I use it enough so I found them. Oh, and it plays music! It's so good I had to leave feedback - Good work devs!

3 years ago
4 Exelente para mi sistema gasta pocos recursos y da exelente rendimiento

3 years ago
4 Very nice and capable. Clean interface with features below, but where you'd expect them.

3 years ago
4 quite useful

3 years ago
5 simple, flexible, and great dynamic playlists. Why so underrated ?

4 years ago
5 Справляется с большой коллекцией треков да и интерфейс прост.

4 years ago
5 Excelente reproductor de musica, 100% recomendado

5 years ago
5 Awesome is the suitable rating. I use gmusicbrowser since some years and still discover new features. It's perfect to manage (and play) my huge collection. Especialy the different layouts are stunning. I prefere AlexC-base compact layout.

5 years ago
5 mint 16 x64 mate: works great. completely customisable, but can be tough to set up correctly. linux equivalent of foobar2000. fantastic with large collections (100,000 tracks)

5 years ago
5 i preety good, but i could not play .wma files

5 years ago
5 At first a little confusing, but once set up right its an awesome music player. Most important, it supports bit perfect audio, something that I was searching for in banshee in vain. Very fast even on a collection of ~7,000 flac files.

5 years ago
5 I love this! Se você não dá tanta ênfase para um player com vários recursos online... Esse é o programa. Já experimentei vários e esse é o melhor. Permite editar, buscar letras, lê ganho de volume gravados em TAGs e muito mais.

5 years ago
5 Very good for Linux. You gotta love the desktop widgets.

5 years ago
2 IMO, it's not a match for Clementine player, even for a large amount of mp3 files (>61,000)

6 years ago
5 good!

7 years ago
5 no shit this is the best handling larrrraaaggeees amount of music ;D

7 years ago
4 J'en ai essayer plusieurs et enfin un qui me satisfait pleinement!

7 years ago
5 The best player EVER! It must be default on any distro! You can check the latest git version from my repo:

7 years ago
4 Very good music library manager, and player

7 years ago
4 Léger, efficace, paramétrable à souhait, pas très loin de Foobar2000

7 years ago
5 love the small memory footprint and has just enough bling

7 years ago
5 Give it a try, give it some time and you'll love all gmusicbrowser's features.

7 years ago
5 Doesn't have the playlist annoyances of Rhythmbox. Isn't mono encumbered like Banshee. Works better than Exaile.

7 years ago
2 I have to admit i dont use any music browser. VLC sorta takes the place of everything like the old windows media player did.

7 years ago
3 Too advanced for the average user. Has a tendency to corrupt files when editing tags. Uses quite a bit more memory than most media players. Interface is ugly no matter which interface you choose.

7 years ago
2 Remove Banshee ,install Totem - Audacious - VLC

7 years ago
5 Simply loved it. too great. perhaps mint should replace it with banshee as default because it is easy on memory..

8 years ago
2 More confusing than any other music player GUI out there. An overkill/bloatware. For cd rip, use Sound-Juicer. For batch tagging, use easyTAG. For anything else, there are more intuitive player out there. I use Banshee.

8 years ago
4 by far the best, but it lacks ipod syncronization.

8 years ago
5 Step aside, competition! No chance for anyone else

8 years ago
5 Runs like a dream, simple, no bugs or crashes as yet. Had problems with most other players I have tried (Amarok/Rythmbox/Banshee.)

8 years ago
5 Very good music player with nice faetures, easy for to use and with a great lookin interface ( I think the best of the linux players) and that because have a lot of layouts for to choose and take advantage of album art and artist pics for to get the closer you can get in linux to a foobar2000 player feel especially if you customize with some colors of your likeness to your desktop's windows.

8 years ago
4 Better than the rest

8 years ago
5 i like this, for my music.

8 years ago
2 Too slow and spends too much ressources on my machine.

8 years ago
4 Less confusing than Amarok/Exaile, more powerfull than Rhythmbox and doesnt crash (like Banshee does unfortunatly)

8 years ago
5 This is the best music library browser/manager I could find!