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"Meld is bad for complex file comparison as you can't see inside the files. But you can delete or copy any file from any folder as you like. Kdiff3 is great for serious file comparisons as it has built in text viewers, I prefer Kdiff3's layout and method of merging into one folder but it won't let me delete files from one folder and not everything so here I am using Meld again as I want 3 separate folders without the same files, and Meld can do this."
"Much much better than meld. Just works for comparing stuff. I can compare directories AND the inside of files in one hit! Brilliant!"
"I tried a few music players but I stuck with this one. It doesn't crash. Lots of features- Not always intuitive but I use it enough so I found them. Oh, and it plays music! It's so good I had to leave feedback - Good work devs!"
"Frustratingly close to really good but buggy? I need something to review scans. Annoyingly haven't found a better alternative given that: Viewing in single image mode does not display jpgs about 20% of the time (600dpi scans, 5000x7000) but view the same image later and it shows?? and it randomly decides to change from fit to window height to width viewing at the centre or top so if you are flipping through pages it zooms in and out and moves up and down. Can't rotate viewport for viewing A4 on a 16:9 LCD like you can with pdfs"
"Side bar with unmount buttons rocks. Networking works. Ctrl-X Ctrl-V doesn't work between windows. Thumbnails of photos don't work."