blue variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
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GNOME-Colors is a set of GNOME icon themes, with some inspiration from Tango, Elementary, Discovery, Tango Generator and others.

Its goal is to create an easy way for anyone to make their desktop consistently match their moods, wallpapers, laptop colors, etc.

The icons were designed to match the Shiki-Colors GTK+ Themes and their additional artwork.

This package provides the GNOME-Brave (Blue) variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme.
Latest reviews
Heorhi_Puhachou 8 years ago

Мне вельмi падабаецца.

reasonful 9 years ago

Nice! Icons for Menu are much better than those of default.

salvo1118 9 years ago

Very nice blue icon theme that goes well with Clearlooks and other blue themes. I love it.

shwany 12 years ago

blue icons as orderd, brilliant!

kip- 13 years ago

useful in linux mint.. :) thank you!