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Favorite software:
"A light, powerful, and highly customizable music player that I now prefer to Banshee now that I know how to customize my equalizer the way I want it. It has features that Banshee lacks like a toggleable option to stop playing after a song. You can make it so that audacious doesn't autoplay your entire playlist the way Banshee does. The stop playing after this song option in Banshee only works for one song and then you have to manually re-set it for each song after that. That was a dealbreaker for me."
"Excellent theme. I discovered it in Linux Mint Debian Edition and now use it in Linux Mint 15/16. Only complaint is that there are too many themes. Especially in MATE where all the color themes are installed as well. I wish the packager knew the meaning of "less is more"."
"Amazing theme. Looks so great with Cinnamon that it has to be seen to be believed. It should be standard on Mint. I use Ambiance Window Borders with Adwaita Controls. Great combination imho."
"Very nice, I love Clearlooks, too bad this isn't default on Cinnamon."
"Very nice blue icon theme that goes well with Clearlooks and other blue themes. I love it."
"Nice! I used my G-mail account and accepted the option to have it sync to my google calendar and contacts, and when I put an appointment into Evolution's Calendar, the reminder popped up on my Android Phone (A Droid Razar) in addition to on my Desktop computer. Amazing!"
"Amazing piece of software! Good for regular image browsing in addition to comics. If it had more customizable controls, it'd be perfect."
"Fast browser with fully customizable keyboard and mouse-button commands. The mouse-gestures can be nice (if you have a reason to use them) and there's built-in torrent client. Surprisingly lightweight and non-bloat-y for something so feature complete."
"SMplayer is awesome! Its lets you re-map your left click so that you can pause and play a video when you click the image, just like in Youtube and other players. Plus, the icon skins and the GUI just looks so much better to me. No ugly orange cones."
"Fastest overall browser in existence, also very feature-complete too. I love this browser, not only is it sleek and fast, but it also allows you to sync up your bookmarks and settings over the internet. It also will work with stuff like Youtube straight out of the box."