support for Gmail as the preferred email application in GNOME
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GNOME Gmail integrates the Gmail web interface into the GNOME environment. Once installed, Gmail becomes a choice as the default Mail Reader in the GNOME Preferred Applications administration application. When selected, a Gmail web page will be used whenever an email service is requested.

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linuxmint_294 7 months ago

Just opens my gmail account in firefox.

Blake 2 years ago

Exactly the same as your browser Gmail tab. But, you don't need to activate your usual browser (e.g. Chrome) which uses a wide range ressources of your system. Useful if you use other heavy softwares while keeping an eye to your Gmail still lit on. Save CPU memory and preserves the wear and tear of your HDD.

lapratho 3 years ago

Just a browser bookmark, waste of an application shortcut, and totally useless waste of installation time!

DacFarren 4 years ago

Best and easiest way to access your gmail!!

tfevan 8 years ago

Dont like it

daominah 8 years ago

what is difference between this and firefox?

rouch 9 years ago

Very usefull

ssauls46 10 years ago

A must for gmail users

Wanderer 11 years ago

Thunderbird you're fired. Gmail is now my preferred mail provider. No longer do I have to have a desktop and web mail service.