GTK+ interface for MPlayer
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The power of MPlayer combined with a friendly interface for your desktop. You can play all your multimedia (audio, video, CD, DVDs, and VCDs, streams etc. with full DVD and MKV chapter support), organize, sort and create playlists, take screenshots while playing videos, be notified about media changes, retrieve cover art and more. Gnome-MPlayer fully supports subtitles giving the ability to specify preferred audio and subtitle languages.

The player can be used to play media on websites from your browser when used with Gecko Mediaplayer and is the modern replacement for mplayerplug-in (from the same author).
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Mintonite 7 years ago

Does not save brightness settings after closing it down.

Mato 8 years ago

Mnogo jako dobar program koji mi radi samo na Arču.

tonycstech 9 years ago

KDE already comes with VLC. Why have multiple things doing same thing ? Pick one that works best for everything and STANDARDIZE IT

jahid_0903014 9 years ago

Powerful media player

koulaxizis 10 years ago

My favorite multimedia player.

BradmanX 10 years ago

I'm a fan of VLC but this definitely the better choice if running Mint 14 on a LiveCD

deniskx 11 years ago

Do not use deinterlace by default. It is a great folly.

tom4uu2 11 years ago

Just one more touch on that picture and it will be perfect.

liphvf 11 years ago

VLC+Gnome-mplayer = full solutions! Melhor desempenho que o vlc, porem menos funcionalidades, gnome-mplayer+vlc= solução completa!

mezuss 11 years ago

works fine but i'll rate it higher when scrobbling option appears

frisky_mania 11 years ago

better than vlc runs smoothly on my netbook.........

coldfox 11 years ago


desann 11 years ago

By far the best player with greatest performance! I have slow netbook and therefore i couldnt play smoothly HD movies on external monitor with any player or OS. (I tried everything..) Today i found this player and im totally surprised! Now my slow notebook doesnt have any problems with playing HD quality! Dont know how its possible but im very glad. :) recommend this player for anyone who got similar problems.

franny 11 years ago

My default player now, I've not had any problems with since I first used it and playback quality is far more sharper than VLC can offer.

plants 11 years ago

good player, frame dropping could be better (loses audio sync under heavy load)

silicont 11 years ago

It crashes regular, taking down the whole OS, on linux mint 12. VLC for me.

bhilmers 11 years ago

way too many bugs for such a simple tool.

newpaul 11 years ago

The video playback has improved enormously. It can even be more stable than VLC (no random sound glitches, as with the latter). The minimalistic interface is great. Good configuration menu. Should be default.

ulysses 12 years ago

I dont need it.

mysoomro 12 years ago

I like it. Sometimes even more than vlc player while watching movies, because it has hot keys (left, right cursor keys) to fast forward and rewind.. It's really convenient..