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Tiny USB adapter
Other Bluetooth card/adapter/dongle, Works perfectly on Lisa
Finepix s1000fd
Fujifilm Camera, Works perfectly on Lisa
Super-Writemaster SE-S084
Samsung CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive/player/writer, Works perfectly on Lisa
Wired Keyboard 200
Microsoft Keyboard, Works perfectly on Lisa
Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.1 [first version]
Microsoft Keyboard, Works perfectly on Lisa
2wire Motherboard, Works perfectly on Qiana
ASRock Motherboard, Works perfectly on Lisa
Eee Pc 1000H
Asus Netbook, Works perfectly on Maya
SBS Laptop USB light
Other Other, Works perfectly on Lisa
Athlon 5350 Kabini 2.0 GHz
AMD Processor, Works perfectly on Qiana
Athlon II 3800+
AMD Athlon(tm)64x2 Processor, Works perfectly on Lisa
Sempron 145 (AM3)
AMD Processor, Works perfectly on Lisa
PowerMust 637 Plus
Mustek UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), Works perfectly on Lisa
ATI Radeon Video card, Works partially on Lisa
Live Cam Socialize L8
Creative Webcam, Works perfectly on Lisa
Quickcam Express
Logitec Webcam, Works fine with some minor problems on Lisa
Microsoft Webcam, Works fine with some minor problems on Lisa
Logitech Wireless Keyboard/Mouse, Works perfectly on Lisa
Favorite software:
"«Clean» is the word. Straightforward, useful tool for the intensive surfers & general users. It works with two separate interfaces: regular & as root, for elevated level sweeping, activated by separate icons. Make sure you check the info on the right side panel when you pick which categories to clean. (If you clean Transmission's Cache, for example, it'll lose record of the torrents and you'll have to right click & verify local data to get them back.) Obviously, in the light mode, the operations that need elevated status are not executed and listed as "
"It remains the champion. We mustn't forget that this browser revolutionized Internet access in terms of user autonomy & choice. Then, its record was somewhat affected by the craze of add-ons, which encouraged some people to pile those uncontrollably until the browser collapsed under the load. Fit it with Adblock Plus & little more & you're good to go."
"Great to convert djvu into pdf with a single click ("export as"). The result is flawless."
"Greatly improved. Swift and clear with pdf & djvu"
"If «powerful» means basic, effective & flawless, this is it."
"Another open-source triumph. Bye-bye bloated tools."
"Solid. As a multi-platform solution, it stands unchallenged as an example, on the same league of its cousin Firefox. The same care (or almost) given to Linux as to other platforms. [new update: recent problems with gmail installation have been solved]"
"Smart clipboard manager with smart plugins. Light on resources, but resourceful! Take your time to explore the usefulness of plugins such as “snippets”, “grow” or “actions”. Lacks a user guide."
"Glad to know it comes by default in Mint. But still one has to discover about the magic touch to activate this useful & simple tool to view content without opening files: [select]+tab=fast view [Libreffice formats will only show you a fast view of Proprieties in Mint 12]"
"No-fuss universal e-book reader. Way more tolerant of varying format codes than Calibre LRF viewer. Superlight. Neat font & formatting."
"The video playback has improved enormously. It can even be more stable than VLC (no random sound glitches, as with the latter). The minimalistic interface is great. Good configuration menu. Should be default."
"In the Windows community (?), I never understood the bad press Adobe Reader used to receive, and still receives, in favor of much inferior tools, just because those were “lighter” (some people evaluate software as if the limits of their hardware, system setup or skills level didn't count). I see that in Linux this lasting fad also caught. I'm sorry to crash the negative party, but I think Acroread/Adobe Reader for Linux is a very good tool, and manages to emulate the reading experience of a book or magazine for the digital environment. Great for M12 Lisa 64bit. [The program was updated for Linux on April 16, 2012; its supposed “slowness” is the flip side of its greater definition, in comparison to the default Document Viewer; but right now it suffers from an irritating bug that presents you the license dialog every time a document is opened.]"
"Linux is more than ready to rip! Very easy to operate, for anyone with minimum skills. Good tutorials online. The audio track is chosen at: general>audio>language (the main track is not always the first on the list: use “preview” to confirm your choice). Those finding the commom system path error «/dev/dvd does not exist» will find an answer here:"
"Opensource marvel. Many many thanks to the team."
"Finally! A straightforward, totally no-BS & well equipped player that understands the multitasking environment. Simple click & play (Open) on folders, for example. Smart interface (& clean: with fancy skins for those who dig party pants). Super stable. Should be default."
"This is like the Gimp for scanning devices!"
"Transmission is awesome, yes, but my superlight-superproductive version is Transmission-gtk."
"Hilariously straightforward. stable & powerful (mint 12). clean interface, with uncluttered window. all info about each torrent hidden in individual properties window (divided into info/peers/trackers/files/options - which include individual speed and seeding limits). optional views according to torrent states: all/active/downloading/seeding etc. offers enabling of internal blocklist (get it from sites such as by the way, the default .torrent file folder is located in ~/.config/transmission/torrents (open places>home folder and press ctrl-h to see hidden directories). very easy to set up. allows for one-click activation of temporary speed limits."
"I just love it. Of all the dark & distraction-free writing tools, PyRoom is the one with the simplest preferences interface and the smallest collection of shortcuts, and that is very good. (The only thing I miss a little is the ESC=minimize feature usual in this class of word processors.) You either write in the default green on black, or choose between the few themes (varying font & background colors) or else configure the "custom" theme. There's autosave. Simple text output. You do the typing. "
"The key utility for the taming of supposedly non-compatible webcams from uncooperative manufacturers, especially with Skype. This tutorial might help you, if you have this sort of lazy webcams: This Ubuntu community documentation page may also be of some use:"
"One of Mint's greatest strengths!"