snake game, up to four players
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This is a GNOME port of the popular “Snake” game.

Nibbles is a game where the user controls a worm. The worm moves around the board, eating diamonds while avoiding the walls placed around it.
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Busybody 2 years ago

I was OK with this game at first, but as I got better at it I discovered that the game cheats: (1) When making quick moves to trap the computer controlled worms you crash unexpectedly even when 3 moves away from the other worm. (2) Sometimes when another worm eats a crystal, you crash and die instantly instead of moving a few steps until you hit something. (3)And most annoyingly, the computer worms appear to have the same limited number of lives, but if you try to force them to crash until they run out of lives they won't crash on their final life. When trapped in a dead end they just stop and wait on that spot until there is room to move again! So you can't win this game by progressively eliminating the other players until only you are left victorious. That's just taken all the fun out of it for me. No point playing anymore now that I've discovered this. :( It would also have been fairer if the computer controlled worms had similar reaction times and route planning abilities as a human player.

PareshGaur 2 years ago

A wonderful game. Simple, easy gameplay and is a lot competetive when played with someone along. Worth a try, atleast!!

FahimKamal 3 years ago

Its quite challenging, good GUI.

anresangsya 4 years ago

It's a great game. The new update is awesome with modern UI. Very fun for playing with friends