Modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop
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GNOME PPP is an easy to use graphical dialup connection configuring and dialing tool with system tray icon support.

It uses GNOME/GTK+ for its graphical interface and integrates well in GNOME desktop environment, but it can be used in other environments.

It also uses WvDial dialer as its backend, providing simple configuration via config files. You can also use plain wvdial if you don't have X running.
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lespinoy 10 years ago

I tried all others and gnome-ppp is the only one that connects my 3G USB (WU240) :-) Gnome-ppp ROCKS!!!!!

hemlock 11 years ago

who uses dial-up??

telcnas 11 years ago

Make dial up connection to any network very easy..................awesome interface with rich set of options to configure...........

Sol_Badguy 13 years ago

very good!

sirparker128 13 years ago

geat it still around