Screensaver and screen lock formerly used in GNOME
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Gnome-screensaver is a simple screen saver and screen lock, used in older versions of the GNOME desktop environment.

It is designed to support, among other things:

* the ability to lock down configuration settings
* translation into other languages
* user switching
This package is not necessary in the GNOME desktop environment, because GNOME Shell contains its own screen lock implementation. It can be used with alternative desktop environments.
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4ndy 8 years ago

For XFCE users who simply want Lock Screen to work, this is perfect. xscreensaver breaks some Power Manager functionality, doesn't allow you to set zero (off) as a screen-saver time, and will even interrupt a full-screen game while using a controller. I don't care much for 'screen-savers'. We don't use CRT displays anymore and they are a waste of processor time and energy.

Ichag 9 years ago

I don't like screensavers

dcarrco 9 years ago

people keep saying xscreensaver is better than gnome-screensaver but its uglier than hell. gnome-screensaver is clean looking, and maybe it doesn't do fantastic art but it does lock my screen and have a good looking dialog. you folks with your flying toasters and cows can tell the developers to make a nicer looking (as in not Amiga 1986) password box to unlock the terminal

BillB0B 9 years ago

Thank for the heads up on xscreensaver

magicbus 10 years ago

Do yourself a favor and use Xscreensaver. Trust me.

wanda 11 years ago

Not so good.

grim 11 years ago

Oh well, it works... the animations are not so good though

andrei 11 years ago

Nothing is customizable. Worsest I've used so far.

incogita 11 years ago

A standard screensaver program, with all the features you'd expect, with typical Linux customizability to boot. My only critism would be the entirely unaesthetic animations it comes with.