Screenshot application for GNOME
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This tool takes a picture of the desktop or of a window and saves it into a file.
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Pedrot001 11 months ago

Gostei. Ele faz tudo, menos edição e capturas avançadas como o shutter. Porém a ferramenta poderia ter um botão para mostrar os atalhos de teclado.

Felladrin 3 years ago

Works good for fullscreenshots, but Mint 18 Cinnamon had issues when using Shift+Printscreen.

iosonoscrive 4 years ago


chritcu 5 years ago

Not as feature rich as shutter, but it does the job well. In particular I find it a bit better than mate-screenshot, because it automatically names the files using the date, and saves them at the right place by default (Pictures not Desktop).

pystyhirsi_fi 6 years ago

ignores open windows takes shots true them from desktop only Mint 13 x64

AshBaby 6 years ago

works, just wish i could customise the destination of the snapshot

MattOne 7 years ago

It works as it should. Only thing that bothers me is that it creates two shortcuts in the Applications menu. One is called "Screenshot", the other "Take screenshot" and they behave exactly the same.