sushi is a quick previewer for nautilus
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Sushi is a Gtk+ and Javascript-based quick previewer for Nautilus, the GNOME desktop file manager. Sushi is a DBus-activated service. It is capable of previewing documents, PDFs, sound and video files (using GStreamer), some text files, and possibly others in the future.

To activate the preview, left-click the file and hit space. The preview can be closed by hitting space again, or escape.
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gtkDcoding 4 years ago

A step in the right direction. Support for RTF and other doc formats would be great, not to mention Photoshop files. Even better if the preview could be done in an optional pane right in the Nautilus window rather than having to hit the spacebar for each file.

newpaul 11 years ago

Glad to know it comes by default in Mint. But still one has to discover about the magic touch to activate this useful & simple tool to view content without opening files: [select]+tab=fast view [Libreffice formats will only show you a fast view of Proprieties in Mint 12]