User level public file sharing via WebDAV
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Gnome-user-share is a small package that allows easy user-level file sharing via WebDAV. The shared files are announced on the network by Avahi.
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mik007san 1 year ago

This app does not work/appear on LMv19 Cinnamon

jcxz100 5 years ago

I did not notice any trouble from having this installed (I'm on Mint 17 64bit Cinnamon) - but it *is* meant for GNOME 2 (i.e. MATE), not for Cinnamon; so drawing from the experiences I've had with other GNOME 2 tools (that messed up part of my config), I uninstalled it because I didn't really need it anyway.

ptrbenj 7 years ago

You can easily received files from bluetooth devices. Wonderful library !!!

gianpv 8 years ago

on Lxde this package lets you receive files from other device