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Favorite software:
"Very lightweight :-D Runs smoothly even on old computers with low memory."
"This set of tools are command line only and the full help for their options makes up I'd say around 100 screens of closely packed info - of which you'll probably only ever use 10 to 15. Just my kind of tool :) Btw: I prefer libav over the closely related ffmpeg tools, mostly because of the philosophy behind the development. Also ffmpeg seems a little slower in adapting new features. But from the enduser's perspective there is very little difference."
"It is pretty impossible to get an explanation of why you will need this package, "libavcode-extra", rather than plain "libavcodec". See for instance this ubuntu forums question: (it is from 2010 and still unanswered). But my guess is that you won't have for instance mp3 ability without it (no, I didn't test that). After all the "MPEG-1 & -2 Audio Layer III" specifications are copyright by Fraunhofer IIS et al., and these companies have every right to one day ask everyone in the world to pay for the use of it... not a likely scenario, but still it could possibly be the reason for having a libavcodec that does not support it."
"I *very much* prefer sshfs to samba. ssh transfer is solid and safe. Never again will I use samba for a linux-to-linux transfer! Granted, sshfs transfer may have slower transfer-rate, but come on... samba breaks all the time - or is that just me?"
"Highly recommended for tweakers. Or: if you know you'll only be using either the GUI or the CLI version you could install only the ony you prefer, and then you don't need this meta-package. Note: This is for tweaking Nemo, Cinnamon, and Cinnamon specific packages *only*! If you have installed extra apps yourself, there's a good chance many of them are developed for gnome (MATE) and to tweak those you'll need to also have the gconf-editor package."
"An absolute must for people who like to tinker! It handles apps, that are gnome (i.e. MATE) compatible; if you have installed extra sw packages yourself (I have), you probably have a good deal of those (I do). Note: You will also need to install the package "dconf-editor" for tweaking Cinnamon itself, the Nemo file manager, and the few other Cinnamon specific apps."
"For all the tweaks that ought to have been there preinstalled!! DConf has made me like Cinnamon again, and I no longer ponder a drop-back to MATE (for now ;-) )"