access current conditions and forecasts
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Weather is a small application for GNOME that allows one to monitor the current weather conditions for a city, or anywhere in the world, and to access updated forecasts provided by various internet services.
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mikefreeman72 3 years ago

Finds my location, gives me the name of the weather station, at the airport in my city, which is the largest city within 150 miles, but says "Forecast not available". I thought maybe I needed to select the correct information provider, but other than a "Places" button and a refresh button, there are no other configuration options. I also tried the Flatpak, which is better (gives me a 5-day forecast and an hourly), but it doesn't give me current conditions. It just shows "-- Unknown".

Chas 4 years ago

Installed on my old HP-Pavilion. Everything works, but I have a request - Please include the relative humidity.

david229 5 years ago

It looks nice by only shows current weather and temperature. I can do this by looking out of the Window. It says "forecast not available". fix this and it will be a very nice app.

beach791 6 years ago

in italia non funziona

RavetcoFX 6 years ago

Forcast doesn't load for my Canadian location, and the interface is laggy on my hidpi screen, just as I remember it being a few years ago

Erased 7 years ago

It works, has weather for any city you can think of, but it does not show much about future dates, and the interface does not look good when fullcreen and is not pretty in eneral.It's still better to just google the weather.

ForestH11 7 years ago

It sets up quickly without much configuration, great for new users

DylanAM 7 years ago

It does as advertised

smitty_the_smith 8 years ago

It works, which makes it the best weather app for Linux.

waverly 8 years ago

just use the largest city near you for your location

brashley46 9 years ago

Canadian location, weather info in US units? Not too bright.