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"Can't do much with it. Looks pretty, but that's all it does. Not any more useful than the annoying, pointless, non-functional calendar panel applet Cinnamon has had that hasn't changed since version 1.0. I would like a quick-access calendar that can connect with Online Accounts, or at least some kind of file or URL, so I can add, remove, and view events on my calendar. That's like, the whole point of a calendar!"
"Will not run. Gives the following error: GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 14:22:31.397: Settings schema 'org.cinnamon.desktop.interface' is not installed. QGIS died on signal 5."
"ALWAYS crashes when adding (with preview) or viewing the second OpenGL slide transition. First one works perfectly. Second one, BAM! Crashes"
"I used to really enjoy this game until this version in Linux Mint 20. Gnome, in their infinite lack of wisdom, screwed up the color scheme. Used to be really easy to see at a glance what was in each square because the numbers were all bold, vivid primary colors. Now all the numbers are black on a very slightly pastel colored background you can hardly the apart from the other backgrounds. Makes it nearly impossible to play if you have vision impairment."
"Finds my location, gives me the name of the weather station, at the airport in my city, which is the largest city within 150 miles, but says "Forecast not available". I thought maybe I needed to select the correct information provider, but other than a "Places" button and a refresh button, there are no other configuration options. I also tried the Flatpak, which is better (gives me a 5-day forecast and an hourly), but it doesn't give me current conditions. It just shows "-- Unknown"."