Graphical or console backgammon program with analysis
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GNU Backgammon is a strong backgammon program (world-class with a bearoff database installed) usable either as an engine by other programs or as a standalone backgammon game. In addition to supporting simple play, it also has extensive analysis features, a tutor mode, adjustable difficulty, and support for exporting annotated games. It can be played either from a GTK+ graphical interface, optionally with a 3D board, or from a simple text console.
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bOsO 1 week ago

Bloody adictive I am becoming a master at it and winning

groldman 7 months ago

Endorse TF23 review - if you want to win, set program to lower skill level or play for a few years and hope to get better

TF23 1 year ago

Superb! Exceptionally strong play & analysis from 'Expert' level upwards. Those who are suspicious of the dice rolls should read the section in the manual headed

gazomaker 2 years ago

Ok,, I very rarely give 1 or 5 stars so GNU Backgammon gets 2. I played 50 matches @ best of 7 points.. I won 3! Yes only 3. The program hits perfect dice around 93%. I'll get 15% if I'm lucky.. Serioulsy. If you want a laugh and enjoy getting Crushed constantly then this is the game for you... Have fun.

thetekkie 5 years ago

Does seem to be extraordinarily lucky and seems to cheat especially when bearing off. It will through a double six and only take 2 or 3 to avoid leaving a piece exposed.

mrbios 5 years ago

very confusing but does have cool / useful features.

JCH2 6 years ago

I have been playing backgammon for almost 35 years, including in tournement; aside from one notorious / obvious Android version, I have never faced a real opponent that was this lucky on the rolls. Bye-bye.

FifthWorldPulse 6 years ago

Excellent and thank you for making a great backgammon game.

aldano 7 years ago


seifenprinz 8 years ago

das einzigste das man spielen kann auf deutsch, spiele es sehr gerne ab und zu mal,auch online fähig

efthialex 9 years ago

Και ταβλάκι το Linux ;)

steve470 9 years ago

Fantastic for beginner through expert, and amazing graphical choices. Tiny complaint: tutor mode suggests some really weird moves occasionally.

Malcul 9 years ago

Frustratingly good, hard to beat, but not impossible!

Patty 9 years ago

The best BG game I've seen. Tutor mode is great for learning or improving skills.

ludentico 10 years ago


gotjazz 10 years ago

awesome "game" (more like tool) - lots and lots of functions, top-notch bg engine. Hard as hell on higher "levels"

thx1138 10 years ago

DAS Backgammon-Programm unter Linux. Naja, irgendwie doof, wenn das ausgerechnet ein Backgammon-Freak schreibt.