Satellite tracking program
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Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program for the Linux desktop. It uses the SGP4/SDP4 propagation algorithms together with NORAD two-line element sets (TLE).

Some core features of Gpredict include:

* Tracking of a large number of satellites only limited by the physical memory and processing power of the computer * Display the tracking data in lists, maps, polar plots and any combination of these * Have many modules open at the same either in a notebook or in their own windows. The modules can also run in full-screen mode * You can use many ground stations * Predict upcoming passes * Gpredict can run in real-time, simulated real-time (fast forward and backward), and manual time control * Detailed information both the real time and non-real time modes * Doppler tuning of radios via Hamlib rigctld * Antenna rotator control via Hamlib rotctld
Latest reviews
JE77 4 months ago

Very Good!

wa4osh 5 years ago

This is an old version. Get the latest from

james62 11 years ago

The best satellite tracking software for Linux.

galv0nix 11 years ago

Works perfectly.

ve2vq 12 years ago

Really great Linux Satellite tracking program

Steampunk-Nick 13 years ago

Wonderful and simple app to track the position of satellites and the space station

mikefreeman 13 years ago

Fun! I enjoy astronomy and satelite watching, so this is great!

allensnowdon 13 years ago

Won't save or print predictions; ground track has to be manually started; latest release not available in DEB package

linux1492 13 years ago

It is a great tool if you wish to monitor satellite tracks and forcaste or post process satellite conjunctions