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Cinnamon Edition


Alexio (73058xp)

davidedellerba (56659xp)

blueXrider (22358xp)

Mazhar (803xp)

aiacomp (237xp)

tux-lux (74xp)
Acer Intel® Core™ i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz × 4, 8 GB RAM, Intel® Ivybridge Mobile Graphics, x64 OS, Works perfectly on Olivia
Aspire One AOA 150 (ZG5)
Acer Laptop or Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Helena
Inspiron 1501
Dell Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Helena
Huawei Mobile Broadband dongle, Works perfectly on Helena
Aspire one AOA 150
Acer Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Maya
Brother Printer/Scanner/Multifunction, Works perfectly on Helena
Favorite software:
"linux does not mean nano. But nano is a super great tool. It is made for people who dislike vi(m) and still won't like to deal with gedit!"
"I am training a little dude some math. He was at a point of no further interest in math! Now TUXMATH made it happen. He's back and havin fun with math (-:"
"love it ... makes adicted ... simple game 4 young and old"
"I use this tool since many yrs on various linux distros. It's a must to have. Very useful!!!"
"It rocks 2! People claim it's better then sound-juicer ... can't see the difference yet. But it works after just an installation on the fly. great! love it!"
"That is just the tool one needs in between your Audio-CD and the MP3 player. Needed it - loved it - can promote it!!!"
"It works right on the spot with abitory choosen formats ... not bad for a media player!"
"I loved lemmings and tuxes are great, too --> It is a classic fun game ... btw: it is working fine, even on my netbook (-:"
"Great game - time consuming and challenging strategy game - can recomment it"
"Some people reject GIMP! I HAVE ABSOLUTE NO IDEA WHY!!! GIMP is one of the very best image processing programs. Now consider that this software is open source and you can do most of the stuff you wish to do with an image processing program. If you need more than GIMP can offer you must be professional and need to invest lots of money for little more. For the rest of all users GIMP is the best you can install on your machine."
"A most to have! Skype is connecting people and is a powerful visual communication tool. If one is using it the right way one can make a great benefit out of it and for no fees included. However, some services are indeed not free of charge but they are worse the money. If you don't have it and use it try it."
"The other good MatLab clone there is. The community is active but still too small for quick developments. Then again it is very stable and there is a somewhat working MatLab code converter! Conclusion: nice to have and save to use."
"One of the good MatLab clones. Great tool for scientific applications. One has to mention that some releases do differ in syntax or even some commands drop out for some releases only to appear much later again."
"It is a great tool if you wish to monitor satellite tracks and forcaste or post process satellite conjunctions"
"nice chess simulator. keeps you entertained and you may choose from different levels the one you wish to play without being slaughtered right away or that the simulator is a poor victim. Can recomment it!"