Google drive client for gnu/linux
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Grive is a google drive (an online storage service) client. it allows synchronize your google drive files with a directory on your local storage from the command-line.

it automatically synchronizes your local copy of your google drive, adding or removing files from the online storage. it allows add new files on your local directory and them will be uploaded to google drive when it synchronizes.

grive is still in process of development. it will include support for auto-detecting changes on the local storage to force a synchronization and a daemon mode which will work on user space to have your local files always synchronized with your online storage.
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Reflejo 5 years ago

Alternativa gratis y sencilla, la sincronización no es automática y sí el contenido del Drive es +2GB y con numerosos archivos tarda bastante.

artazis 7 years ago

Fonctionne bien. Dommage que la synchronisation ne soit pas automatique.

pseudoV 8 years ago

simple, efficient and so far bug free. can't get grive-tools to work on mint 17x but im fine with cli.

libs 8 years ago

the principle is there, but for what it should be, it is a waste of time

JCH2 8 years ago

Use grive-tools instead; search it out through

pepitosegrilla 9 years ago

It didn't work for me, but online I found a way to install Grive-Tools, that worked seamlessly

blood 9 years ago

you dont need to install any google aap on linux .Go to your default home page ->more..

kmrifat 9 years ago

i didn't upload my file on google drive automatcly in linux mint 17Cinnamon x64bit

dunco 9 years ago

I strongly recommend grive-tools as well (or possibly overGrive); both include grive with them and make management of your Google Drive much easier on Linux.

Rocologo 9 years ago

You will need grive-tools as well, to make this work perfect. Grive is only a commandline tool. Grive-tools gives you a nice GUI and setup a Google Drive directory in your home folder.

adaelxp 9 years ago

better than the heavyweight official app

jirina007 9 years ago

Its OK... (Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 64bit)

brain3x 10 years ago

Nice! Working well, but havent UI. Well, its not to hard to type "gdrive" in terminal time to time ;)

shallheril 10 years ago

This out of date version doesn't work, but trying out a newer version seems to work alright. Hopefully the repositories can be updated.

economicsboy 10 years ago

i neither find nor use it, :( I'm using Linux mint kde olivia

Gurman 10 years ago

Works only if installed from ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8. Immediately after installing and running "grive -a" without any warnings and questions itself silently upload half of my home directory to Google. Theft of personal information. Danger!

cdaaawg 10 years ago

This unoffical g drive client works better than the official one (which doesn't even exist). It lacks automatic sync (use cron for that) and there is no support for google's office docs like word processing docs, spreadsheets, etc, but will sync pdf and multimedia files as well as many others..