shares files in a peer to peer network
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Gtk-Gnutella is a reliable and efficient Gnutella client, supporting the latest Gnutella protocol, bandwidth limitation (both incoming and outgoing) traffic compression, and advanced search filters among other features.

Gnutella is a peer-based file-sharing protocol that allows a user running a Gnutella client to search for and download files from other Gnutella users, as well as share some files of his/her own.

Gtk-Gnutella offers all the extra features you expect from a modern client: persistent downloads, searches and filters, intuitive interface, upload statistics, queuing, and of course total control over many configuration parameters.
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matematico65 6 months ago

Linux Mint 21.1 XFCE, GTK Gnutella don't start, probably this version is too old!!

tn5421 2 years ago

21-09-07 04:47:07.018 (WARNING): version of gtk-gnutella is too old, please upgrade!

shaunirelan 8 years ago

ICE AND XKB vsv squid3 killed the virtualizing process, of 2 pc network - a repeated frustration migraine !!

samssure 10 years ago


mintidiot 12 years ago

Once you start getting the 'ancient version' error, your gtk-gnutella is toast. downloading gtk-gnutella96.9 is easy, trying to unpack is not possible and frustrating experience. pretty useless till the next build rolls out in new mint [or whatever flavor] build is sent out. not really great with the command line, but i can get around a little. not enough to run install for gtk-gnutella 96.9 tho.

CaArRi91 12 years ago

Buen P2P

Firewolf 13 years ago

Nice P2P tool

grizzo 13 years ago

It works great but is less simply than LimeWire