Gnome to-do list manager
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Gtodo is, as its name suggests, a "to do" list manager for gnome. although it's simple and very small, it's also easy to use and fully-featured, being able to divide your entries into as many categories as you wish (among the default ones: personal, business and unfilled), and allowing you to sort descending on ascendingly, according to their priority, due date and status, not necessarily in this order.

you can also choose if you want to highlight or even hide items, taking, for example, the time until due date into account.
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Freak 5 years ago

Bug: If I set date to 2017-01-01 the list displays it as 01 Jan 2016

beirapadua 8 years ago

cannot appear in mint menu. But can acess it via terminal :D

theonekai 9 years ago

Looks nice ;D

atypical 9 years ago

The Best todo app!

jbecar 9 years ago

Wonderful! Simple, clean, and functional.

cirx 9 years ago

Glad to have it, among the first things I install

axoloteDeAccion 11 years ago

It actually works and is simple. With this comes unintrusion. I just invented a Word!