Simple ncurses touch typing tutor
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Displays exercise lines, measures your typing speed and accuracy, and displays the results. Two exercise types are possible: drills and speed tests.

You need fortune cookies (fortune-cookie-db) to use typefortune. There are several languages specific cookie packages (fortunes-*).
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QtlyOptmstc 6 years ago

Absolutely great! My favorite typing tutor by far. This has two modes of operation, normal and speed, in which the user overwrites the lesson text. Performance is stored via the -b option, which display's each lesson's personal best. I REALLY like the quotes and literary passages in the optional lessons. What's nice about gytpist is that new lessons can be created either using the existing lessons (see the lesson folder's .typ files) as templates or googling the file format. I can see several languages are supported. I did find many of the english lessons expected a US keyboard, so it's worth spotting this and modifying the .typ file to match your own layout. It's written in C, and was fairly straightforward to make a few mods.

crimsonmane 7 years ago

This is what you would use in a keyboarding class to learn proper typing. This one runs in terminal so it will work on any system (there will not be a menu entry). This tutor does not track progress and doesn't let you pick up where you left off. The menus are daunting as they include too much information. Klavaro is better by leaps and bounds.

stevenkw 7 years ago

This really is the best typing trainer available. Mavis Beacon should be ashamed.

rajes4india 9 years ago

really a needed app ..

Xyie 10 years ago

Very good for a command-line typing tutor. I used this a while over other GUI typing tutors before I found a graphical one I prefered a bit more.