360-degree gunboat shooter
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Gunroar is an excellent shooter in which the game environment turns to be the sea and your spaceship an armed boat. The player moves around in a level generated randomly, and containing enemy islands, turrets and enemy boats) and that never ends. Each enemy killed increments your points according to the time it took you to destroy it and its size.

Gunroar is another gem among many by Kenta Cho.
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discolust 6 years ago

I LOVE this game. It's a beautiful bullet-hell that can go on and on and on. Way to go, Kenta Cho!!

linux1492 11 years ago

Keeps you a minute or two asking what is coming next and then you wish you'd taken another game to entertain yourself. I would not recommendate it to download. But then again if you are a fan of pressing a fire button and do mechanical movements it might be fun.

Mito 11 years ago

Very good game! Nice graphics!