time tracking applet for GNOME
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Project Hamster helps you to keep track of how much time you spend on various activities during the day. Whenever you move from one task to another, you change your current activity in the GNOME applet.

It can present graphical statistics of how long you have spent on each task, and may be useful for project management or keeping employee timesheets.
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reddot 5 years ago

i feel way more aware of time wasted using hamster, the applet is a must in mate, couldnt get workspaces to monitor since i use 18. the data is solid, time to change habits.

pablomusa 8 years ago

I have been using for a long long time and I really like it. It is light and easy to use. It is a perfect app for time monitoring.

gmondragon 8 years ago

cool, ,uy util

anisniit 9 years ago

Cool simple time tracking!

omena 9 years ago

very nice!

Xyie 10 years ago

This program looks very good for keeping track of how much time you spend on different things, and may just show you how much time you're wasting playing that video game... er... it may let you prove to the boss how must time you've been spending on your projects.

nivapo 11 years ago

Very good program!

bqdbr 11 years ago

Great companion if you're looking for time monitoring. (Make sure you configure a keyboard shortcut)