Makes your system hardened
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This package is intended to help the administrator to improve the security of the system, or at least make the host less susceptible.

note! this package will not make your system uncrackable, and it is not intended to do so. making your system secure involves a lot more than just installing a package. you are recommended to read at least some documents in addition to installing this package.

there is a lot of information available on making your system more secure. a good place to start is with the harden-doc package or at http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/
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ulysses 9 years ago

Today, somehow superfluous for Linux Mint.

robertochile87 11 years ago


captainhaggy 11 years ago

Die reine Installation des Systems reicht nicht aus, um den eigenen PC unangreifbar zu machen. Hierzu ist das Lesen und Anwenden der beigefĆ¼gten Dokumentation dringend notwendig. Dann aber, ist es wirklich eine sehr gute Software.