Manage your personal accounts at home
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HomeBank is a fast, simple and easy to use program to manage your personal accounting. It has a lot of features such as easy analysis with graphical charts (statistics, budget, overdrawn, car cost), useful reports ("Where your money goes", "Trend Time Report" ), multi-accounts support, budget management, reminder, import from OFX/QFX-CSV files, visual status of operations. It is based on GTK2.
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FistfulOfStars 4 years ago

Great simple budgeting/accounting tool. Lets you see trends and the areas that you could/should save money over time. I tried all of the obvious choices, kmymoney/gnucash/etc, and this one was significantly easier to get started and does everything I was looking for.

EdRIn 5 years ago

Works great I've used it for years ! Simple and reliable.

Martink149 8 years ago

Looks really nice but just crashed after setting it up for two hours and data /customisation is all gone. Seems you can add and remove catergories but if you try to move a category and then delete it you get a rather bad crash.

Bobajot 9 years ago

Get version5 for qif imports and set date to correct format before first import.

zonk911 9 years ago

Gives me a good overview over my finances. Very usefull and smart application. Thumbs up!

abgorn 10 years ago

A must have for personal finance!

porosjp 10 years ago

Impeccable pour un usage personnel

arvislacis 11 years ago

Simple but very powerfull application.

Mithrandir91 12 years ago

J'utilise ce logiciel pour mes comptes personnels et après une petite phase d'apprentissage indispensable, il remplit parfaitement mes attentes. Par contre il existe maintenant en version 4.4 alors que la version référencée dans Mint est la 4.2.1, comment demander la mise à jour ?

Leg1on1x 12 years ago

Korzystam na codzień. W mojej opini świetne oprogramowanie do zarządzania domowym budżetem

trollboy 12 years ago

Poor import facilities and no way to set up direct debits. Shame as it is so close to getting a 4

zapa 12 years ago

helped me alot !

dhb96 12 years ago

This could be very good but current version has some gaps (e.g. You do not seem to be able to print, or when you use filtre to analyse data it does not seem to give you a total etc.)

bikerboi87 13 years ago

This has helped me get a grip of my finances. Wonderful program

skretzchy 13 years ago

I'm not sure if it is the best , but I like it